1. Mirror Mirror ~ Gregory Maguire

  2. Madonna of the Seven Hills ~ Jean Plaidy

  3. Cotillion ~ Georgette Heyer

  4. Neverwhere ~ Neil Gaiman

  5. City of Bones ~ Cassandra Clare

  6. Knitted Fowers ~ Nicky Epstein

Mirror Mirror was pretty good and piqued my interest about Lucrezia Borgia so it lead me to read Jean Plaidy's Madonna of the Seven Hills which was a completely different take on Lucrezia than Mirror Mirror.

ruthette left Cotillion here for me so I read it. Georgette Heyer is always so enjoyable. ruthette gave me Neverwhere and that was a very enjoyable read. I like Neil Gaiman.

Cassandra Clare's fantasy YA book was okay. It had vampires, demons, warriors and I like that kinda stuff. I will probably read her other two when they come to the library.

I might start a new list just for knitting books as I don't really read them as leaf through them. I am going to try some of the flowers in this book and I fell in love with a bag in this book that I would love to make for my SIL but I doubt I am ready to attempt such a beautiful and complex project.