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Yay! Books!

Book F(r)iends

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This is a closed book/literary community for our internet neighborhood.
This is a closed community for book lovers in our little LJ neighborhood. Anything is fair game. Love a book? Hate a book? Writing a book? Kicked a book? Trade, suggest, review, critique, discuss, enjoy, hate on, whatever. If it's bookish, it goes here.

Also, suggest some authors to be added to the interests list, please. I'll put a post-dated entry in the community; suggestions can be made there.

The only reasons this community has a "moderator" is a) someone has to approve new membership requests and b) someone had to create it. Submissions are completely unmoderated. We're all adults. If you're talking about something controversial or including adult content, please label and/or cut so people can avoid it at will. Thanks!