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  1. At the Court of the Borgias ~ Johann Burchard

  2. Lucrezia Borgia ~ Sarah Bradford

  3. Disordered Minds ~ Minnette Walters

  4. Acid Row ~ Minnette Walters

  5. Toll-Gate ~ Georgette Heyer

  6. Lady of Quality ~ Georgette Heyer

  7. Black Sheep ~ Georgette Heyer

  8. The Foundling ~ Georgette Heyer

  9. The Convenient Marriage ~ Georgette Heyer

  10. Good Omens ~ Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchet

  11. Artemis Fowl ~ Eoin Colfer


  1. Mirror Mirror ~ Gregory Maguire

  2. Madonna of the Seven Hills ~ Jean Plaidy

  3. Cotillion ~ Georgette Heyer

  4. Neverwhere ~ Neil Gaiman

  5. City of Bones ~ Cassandra Clare

  6. Knitted Fowers ~ Nicky Epstein

Mirror Mirror was pretty good and piqued my interest about Lucrezia Borgia so it lead me to read Jean Plaidy's Madonna of the Seven Hills which was a completely different take on Lucrezia than Mirror Mirror.

ruthette left Cotillion here for me so I read it. Georgette Heyer is always so enjoyable. ruthette gave me Neverwhere and that was a very enjoyable read. I like Neil Gaiman.

Cassandra Clare's fantasy YA book was okay. It had vampires, demons, warriors and I like that kinda stuff. I will probably read her other two when they come to the library.

I might start a new list just for knitting books as I don't really read them as leaf through them. I am going to try some of the flowers in this book and I fell in love with a bag in this book that I would love to make for my SIL but I doubt I am ready to attempt such a beautiful and complex project.

  1. Destiny ~ Elizabeth Hayden

  2. Stardust ~ Neil Gaiman

  3. The Lighthouse ~ P.D. James


  1. Wicked ~ Gregory Maguire

  2. Son of a Witch ~ Gregory Maguire

  3. The Forgotten Desert Mothers ~ Laura Swan

  4. Encountering the Mystery ~ Patriarch BARTHOLOMEW

  5. Knitting Rules ~ Stephanie Pearl Macphee

  6. Casts Off ~ Stephanie Pearl Macphee

  7. Life of Pi ~ Yann Martel

  8. and two Mary Jo Putney romance novels

I finally finished the Rhapsody series. I liked the PD James and Stardust was very enjoyable. I am looking forward to reading more Neil Gaiman. He must be pretty popular because I rarely find him in the library.

I liked Wicked better than Son of a Witch. I was much more intrigued by the character Elphaba than I thought I would be.

I really really enjoyed The Forgotten Desert Mothers by Laura Swan. So much so I have it on order from our book store. I liked Encountering the Mystery by His Eminence Patriarch BARTHOLOMEW but I fell in love with His Excellency Metropolitan Kallistos Ware. He wrote the introduction to Encountering the Mystery and it was better (in my opinion) than the book itself. I am going to reread The Orthodox Church which I read over 11 years ago.
I enjoyed both YarnHarlot books (Stephanie Pearl-MacPhee) very much. She was such a fun read and very Canadian. I love her use of parentheses. She seems to love them as much as I do.

I am planning on reading Life of Pi to Simon I enjoyed it so much.

I enjoyed the schmoopy romances. Sometimes I just need a little schmoop to get me through life.

  1. The Grub & Stakers Move a Mountain ~ Charlotte MacLeod

  2. Pride, Prejudice & Jasmine Field ~ Melissa Nathan

  3. Great Lent ~ Fr. Alexander Schmeman

  4. Let us Attend ~ Fr. Lawrence Farley

I didn't read as much this month. I guess I was too busy.

  1. Shepherd of Souls ~ Archimandrite Ioanichie Balan

  2. Prophecy ~ Elizabeth Hayden

  3. Whitethorne Woods ~ Maeve Binchy

One of the things I like best about where I work is the annual book sale. Employees donate books, which are then sold for dirt cheap! Proceeds are donated back to the institution. Hardcover fiction $2, Hardcover nonfiction $1, cookbooks $2, paperbacks and kids books 50¢.

I walked away with one of those big boxes that holds copy paper full of books for $13.

  1. Thud ~ Terry Pratchett

  2. Rhapsody ~ Elizabeth Hayden

  3. The Bright and Evening Star ~ Madeleine L'Engle

  4. The Kite Runner ~ Khaled Hosseini

  5. Feet of Clay ~ Terry Pratchett

Currently I am reading about 5 books. They go in a rotation depending on my mood.

I have the typical comfort books I re-read, seasonal books ect ect.

Butcher Bird- Richard Kadrey-

I have read this book four times since I bought it in September. I read it initially in 2 days and then re-read it immidietly after over a period of like 2 weeks, read it again not too much later and am currently reading it again.

I tried to explain this book to my friend who also read. 

Basically it's -

Boy meets girl in dark alley after she kills a reptilian demon that tries to kill him while he is taking a pee.
Next morning he wakes up and can see the three spheres the universe is made up of meaning angels, demons and humans.
It's Fucking FANTASTIC.

So I also just finished reading Last of the Honky Tonk Angels by Marsha Moyer.

Turns out she had a prequel and three subsequent novels after that so I'll be starting up on them soon. 

This is the story of a gal who's got a hot boyfriend and on the day his teenage daughter is dropped off on their
doorstep find out she's pregnant.  It's a bit fluffy but good.

I'm also reading Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
Last Call by Tim Powers

Antideluvian Tales, Liquor both by Poppy Z Brite will be trotted out next week for Mardi Gras

  1. The Nanny ~ Melissa Nathan

  2. The Learning Curve ~ Melissa Nathan

  3. The Tinder Box ~ Minnette Walters

  4. Echo ~ Minnette Walters

  5. Devil's Feather ~ Minnette Walters

  6. Northanger Abbey ~ Jane Austen

  7. Mr Darcy's Diary ~ Amanda Grange

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i'm in the midst of Sheri S. Tepper's A Plague of Angels and enjoying it so far. i read this one way back in my first semester of college and it kinda weirded me out...some elements of fantasy crossed over into a sci-fi. i just didn't grasp some part of it.
i can say now, that i'm older and wiser(than i was anyway), i understand the book far better. a definite feminist bent to this one.

this is from 4 books that jo lent to me over the holidays. she has recently become more active in feminism and wanted some sci-fi/fantasy that wasn't condescendingly paternalistic. i believe she found these listed somewhere on the web, and if i can get her to join this comm, she can tell us where she found them.
here's the other 3 books:
Fresco by Sheri S. Tepper
Wild Seed by Octavia Butler
Mighty Good Road by Melissa Scott

Also, i have a habit reading 2 books during the same period. Currently re-reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Love her sense of humor in this.

The rest of my "to read" list is massive! it'll take me days to catalog it all! *whimpers*
off the top of my head, i know i need to add Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis (never finished this one! need to fix that) Life of the Beloved by Henri J. M. Nouwen, and Everyday Grace by Marianne Williamson (this one was a gift from jo when ken died. said it got her through a tough time.) i have the hardest time picking up books with a spiritual bent or that may be beneficial to me. these have been on my list for a year or more. why??!!

So, what's on your "to read" lists?

On another note, i'm going to link to author websites (if i can find them) in my posts. That ok? everybody cool with that?
oh, and i might read something everyone else thinks is trash and vice versa. i'm cool with that. not gonna raise a fuss.